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The world is multilingual.

We develop practical solutions for second language acquisition, translation, and digital multilingual systems.

We focus on written communication, which has become increasingly important in the twenty-first century. Our business philosophy emphasizes getting things working right now with what is available in the present.

Language diversity

We study a diverse set of languages, including:

This set has representative languages from the following language families and geographic regions:

The following writing systems are covered by our language set:

Although our selection of fifteen languages is only a tiny fraction of the total number of languages in the world, it represents a diverse group of language families, geographic regions, and writing systems.


The library project is a collection of reference books and sources for the various languages we study. An online bibliography is planned, so that the necessary reference works for each language can be quickly located.

The documentation project documents each language, so that reading and writing skills can be rapidly acquired. The documentation is currently under development and will eventually be online.

The software project develops digital technology to support language learning, translation, and multilingual deployment. Software development work is handled by Canidtech.

Our work on the Ojibwe language is handled through the Animoshing website, due to the special conditions and requirements of this language.


Alopekos is managed by Noah Johnson:


Our mailing address is:

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